About Les Voisins

In the past and the future, toujours voisins.

Les Voisins (The Neighbours) is a celebration of the ties that bind Britain and France. It is fundamentally about people. The stats are impressive: 12 million Brits visit France each year; 18,000 French students study in the UK; 60,000 passengers use the Channel Tunnel each day; 400,000 British and French people have chosen to live on the other side of the Channel.

But it is the human stories – the French exchange student who met her husband in the university bar; the chef who moved to Paris to show that the British could cook; the Yorkshire groundsman tending the grass at the Stade de France – that truly illustrate the powerful friendship between our countries. This is why the British Embassy in Paris will share and celebrate those stories, and the people who live our countries’ friendship.